Published by: James Smithies

June 11 2024, 08:24

Thanks @mia! Slow but steady :)

Boosted from: Tim Sherratt

June 11 2024, 05:52

For all the things you want to know about #Trove that the NLA won't tell you, head to the #TroveDataGuide. Sometime in the next week or two I'll be finishing off the current version:

Published by: James Smithies

June 11 2024, 05:27

Our AI as Infrastructure (AIINFRA) project has a website: AIINFRA is an experimental project. The goal is to design and build a prototype open-source LLM tool tailored for transnational (Australia, Aotearoa NZ, UK) histor...

Published by: James Smithies

April 21 2024, 23:12

It's nice to get a mention in Peter Beilharz's recent review of Habermas in thesis eleven.Beilharz: "...does modernity have an off-switch? or, are any of these processes, apparently beyond our control, open to reversal or to serious reconstruction?"h...