Published by: James Smithies

May 03 2023, 17:41

It's nice to see the video of the book launch of Collaborative Historical Research in the Age of Big Data appear, from the Living With Machines / The Alan Turing Institute team. (Jane Winters and I chaired the 'fireside chat' launch.)The book is impo...

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May 03 2023, 17:27

Guest post on @BL_DigiSchol blog by Isaac Dunford, MEng Computer Science student at the University of Southampton, on Detecting Catalogue Entries in Printed Catalogue Data:
#OCR #Transkribus #XML #Metadata

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May 02 2023, 10:19

The British Library Research Report 2021–22 is out! There's an interview with me and John McGoldrick about the @LivingWithMachines exhibition, and lots of other @BL_DigiSchol activity, plus a huge range of research across the library

Published by: James Smithies

April 28 2023, 15:18

@JamesLonghurst Well noted....I guess you could argue that the ability to gamify the product might increase engagement, or rely on the uncanny (presentation via an AI narrator) to draw people in? It's not something I have immediate plans to follow up...