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February 19 2024, 05:59

Interesting! Very substantial blog post on #DH methods and digital resources for the early colonial history of Hong Kong: "Digital Humanities Approaches to Navigating the Early Colonial Hong Kong History" by Eric H. C. Chow and Ryan Iu: #HongKong #DigitalHumanities #DigitalHistory

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February 07 2024, 19:58

We're excited to announce our involvement in the iREAL: inclusive requirements elicitation for AI in libraries to support respectful management of indigenous knowledges project, part of the £100m funding boost in AI research to propel transformative innovations that was just revealed. iREAL is funded through BRAID - the Bridging Responsible AI Divides programme. Our institutional partners are and @dpc_chat


Published by: James Smithies

February 07 2024, 06:49

@mia @electricarchaeo Yes, thanks for sharing! I’ll have a play at the weekend. The reference to OCR is interesting. I’ve been trying to clean Google Books (via Hathi Trust) OCR to use as a RAG source recently, and found Microsoft’s Azure ‘AI’ ‘docum...

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February 07 2024, 06:42

@mia @jamessmithies you might find this interesting; my attempts to create a translation layer on top of the Chronicling America api. That is to say, translate from the question in your head into the syntax of the api a few different ways, retrieve the results, and report back.