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July 21 2023, 09:46

Tech companies are scraping the web to develop AI tools they promise can do everything — including understanding Indigenous languages. But that’s not true.

On #TechWontSaveUs, I spoke with Keoni Mahelona about how capturing Indigenous language data is another form of colonialism, and how Te Hiku is taking a very different approach with the Māori language in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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July 13 2023, 15:40

#DH2023 In the Historical Methods session

Ralf Futselaar makes sure everyone is awake with an refreshing, provocative but so-true-it-hurts talk. He says they had a boring historical question but had a great technical approach so they did it anyway. That's fine for a DH conference but not for historians who don't want to change their questions to suit the technology. Historians don't usually work with hypothesis testing. 'Process' doesn't sound very cool so they called it 'hermeneutics'. Need to find text mining outputs that suit the the hermeneutic process.


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July 11 2023, 08:36

Since I couldn’t find one: Here’s a #DH2023 #MastoWall for you to enjoy. Might be particularly handy if you’re following the conference from a distance. #DigitalHumanities,dh2023graz

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July 07 2023, 13:15

@quinnanya @jamessmithies Some of the folks from the @DH_ResearchHub at the School of Advanced Study were doing some making - they had a 3D printer and were also doing some miniature printing with small rolling presses