Skills Framework for the Information Age

People involved in the digital humanities will presumably be interested in this, but it will probably be of interest to anyone involved in developing university courses in situations where proof of alignment to the ‘real world’ is required. I’m referring to the UK’s Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA). It’s used by IT employers to define their job descriptions, and ensure their staffing covers all aspects of the Information Management process, from development to operations. The site is open access, but requires registration. I’ll warn you in advance that there’s a lot of information to process in SFIA, and most of it won’t be relevant to humanities graduates – even if they are from the digital humanities. For those that are interested, I’d suggest you have a look at: Information Policy Formation; Information Analysis; Information Content Publishing; Project Management; Stakeholder Relationship Management; Requirements Definition and Management; Information Content Authoring; Usability Requirements Analysis; Usability Evaluation; Human Factors integration; Programme and Project Support Office; Learning and Development Management; Learning Resources Creation and Delivery; Education and Training Delivery; Marketing; Account Management.