Academic AMIs: Ready to Eat Digital Humanities Infrastructure

A few comments (specifically from @jasonaboyd) about infrastructure at the recent Victoria THATCamp sparked an idea, and I’ve thrown together a site called Academic AMIs: Ready to Eat Digital Humanities Infrastructure. The idea is that, while Amazon Web Services might not be suitable for all (or even many) digital humanities projects, and the platform isn’t exactly user friendly to people uncomfortable with the command line, it does offer an extremely scalable cloud infrastructure and a nice way to package up web application stacks for distribution. Hopefully it will offer digital humanists an easy introduction to the Amazon platform, and perhaps an interesting exercise for DH classes. I hope it’s seen as a step in the right direction, even if it isn’t the final destination. The first Amazon Machine Image (AMI) on the site is a LAMP server running the Open Journal System from the Public Knowledge Project. I’ll package up new ones when time permits, hopefully at the rate of about one a week. Please read the FAQs and About before jumping in. If the interest is there I’d be interested in contributions.