Towards a Systems Analysis of the Humanities

This is a video of my contribution to the workshop 'The Frontiers of DH: Humanities Systems Infrastructure', presented by the UC Digital Humanities Programme during November 2015. See also Prof. Paul Arthur: Smart Infrastructures for Cultural and Social Research, Prof. Alan Liu: Against the Cultural Singularity, and (earlier in the month) Dr. Tim Sherratt: Towards A Manifesto for Tactical DH Research Infrastructure. A series of blog posts about the workshop, by Lucy-Jane Walsh from the UC CEISMIC archive project, starts here.

The diagram referred to in my seminar is available below. Many thanks to the audience for pointing out inconsistencies and areas for improvement, which are reflected in subsequent drafts.

Abstract: Humanists are often resistant to conversations about infrastructure, viewing it as a topic better suited to managers and technical experts. By undertaking a humanities-centered systems analysis of our infrastructure however, we unlock a range of technical, cultural and socio-political issues - and create opportunities to develop a global humanities infrastructure of massive value to future generations.

The draft model below is derived from model 44 of The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)